Repair Contract Conditions

  1. Please carry out at my cost any work and supply any parts and materials necessary to repair the problem/s listed on the job card and those discussed during the job book-in process.
  2. I agree that the repairers liability is limited (so far as allowed by law) to written claims received by the repairer within fourteen days of the date of delivery or completion of the repair. If such limitation is precluded by law and the repairs are not for personal domestic or household use the repairers liability is limited to (at the repairers option) the supplying of or payment of the cost of supplying the cost of the repair.
  3. The repairer is not liable for any damage to or destruction of or theft of the goods unless caused by negligence of the repairer.
  4. Any goods not collected within six months of the date goods were left can be sold by the repairer (by auction or private treaty) who can apply the proceeds of sale to the repairers fees, the cost of parts and material supplied, storage costs and any other expenses incurred by the repairer incidental to carrying out the repairs or the sale.
  5. Any repair accepted that is to be quoted on is subject to a minimum $33 quote fee. Any items booked in for warranty repair that proves not to be warranty is subject to a minimum $33 quote fee. This fee may be waived if a repair is completed, or a new unit is purchased.
  6. To provide you with the requested repair, particularly warranty, we may need to provide your personal information to another company.
  7. Any estimates given in the job book-in process are non-binding and does not include parts or labour that are unforeseeable.
  8. Completed repairs must be collected within 14 days of completion or storage fees will occur.
  9. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions please advise and cancel the job prior to work commencing.

Loss of “User generated data” The repair of your goods may result in the loss of any user-generated data. Please ensure that you have made a copy of any data saved on your goods.

Refurbished goods or parts. Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods.